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Over the last several years, the Hampton Roads Youth Foundation have been exploring ways to create durable gains that measurably improve the lives of youth throughout the Hampton Roads area.

We believe that young people have contributions to make long before adulthood, but they remain an underutilized resource in our communities. They want to be trained as role models and learn the tools that will allow them to someday be productive citizens. The programs we develop will address the issues young people face in becoming positive people. Given the complexities young people face in today’s society, the Hampton Roads Youth Foundation will discover ways to assist youth with making the right decisions in preparing for life.

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Mark Your Calendars!

3rd Annual HRYF College Football Recruiting Jamboree

Saturday, December 12, 2015  

This is a great event to earn a potential athletic scholarship!  Over 30 Colleges and Universities have participated in the past with over 20 high school players having earned athletic scholarships.  Meet college coaches and learn more more about their college football programs and how the recruiting process works.  There will also be a financial aid workshop for the parents.

***Please note this event is open to high school SENIORS only***

To register, click here.

Your chance to be #TEAMFNV!

FNV LIVE at ODU with a special guest speaker!

When: Friday, November 20, 2015
Time: 3PM 

***Just announced: First Lady, Michelle Obama, will be a guest speaker at FNV Live! ***

Never heard of FNV before? FNV, which is short for “Fruits and Vegetables,” is a national brand that focuses on increasing fruit and vegetable consumption and sales.  This year HRYF is a proud partner of the special event, which will be held at the ODU Convocation Center in Norfolk on Friday, November 20th. Don’t miss your chance to enjoy this fun packed event featuring celebrities, stunts, music, and more.